CNC milling

  • Thread size up to 3000 x 1000 x 800 mm.
  • Milling of components after assignment and agreement.
  • Specialists in small series, from 1 unit and up.
  • Skilled independent qualified employees.
  • Opportunity of reading 3D and dxf. files.
  • Manufacturing and development of prototype components.
  • Fast and efficient programming system at the machine.
  • Thoughtful and foresight employees.

We perform milling in series, ranging from simple piece productions to series with large number of items which always are in stock in a wide range within plastics, aluminium and various steels.

We can handle both vertical and multiple horizontal processing.

We use a great variety of time-saving setup fixtures, and can assist the customer’s construction department with advice and guidance on optimal production methods.

All our CNC centers are operated by our experienced staff and equipped with the most advanced cam systems and features on the market.
Wherever your located, we always deliver our components with a high finish and on time.